A love of avant-garde fashion brought Bridget Bell and Andrea Pane together to launch The Final Peace.

Both Bridget and Andrea started sewing at a young age and, whilst having gone on to do other things, Bridget as a stylist for Network Ten and Andrea as a partner in a Melbourne law firm, both have maintained a keen interest in fashion and design.

Bridget studied fashion, design and textiles for 3 years in Nelson, New Zealand and was a finalist in the New Zealand Wearable Arts in her final year.   She started her career in fashion working in bridal/evening wear in Christchurch before moving to Australia 11 years ago.    In Australia, Bridget worked with a number of well known Melbourne designers before taking a position 3 years ago as a stylist for Network Ten.

Andrea has long been a collector of vintage and new fashion, both here and overseas, with an eye for distinctive  pieces.  Influenced by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, Andrea is always forward-thinking in her fashion choices, looking for bold and innovative designs and use of textiles.  She is a strong supporter of Australian designers such as Manning Cartell and Romance was Born.

The Final Peace signature is innovative textile pieces which have been manipulated and embellished, often taking techniques from the past and using them to create modern looks.

“We love experimenting with an array of textiles, pushing the boundaries to see what they can do and if they can be used in different ways.

We get enormous satisfaction from hand crafting each piece, making statement pieces which could not be manufactured.    Fashion is art and the people we see wearing our pieces are individuals who like to stand out and be creative in how they dress.

Although there has been a shift in the fashion industry to fast and disposable fashion,
we embarked on The Final Peace as we feel that there is still a place for our hand crafted pieces.   We want to create unique and timeless pieces that, no matter what the trends, can be loved and worn for many years.

What’s great about what we are doing is that we are not limited by seasons or trends, we find an intricate starting point – be it a fabric, textile, trim or bead and then use this as our inspiration to create the pieces.”

Bridget and Andrea source both vintage and new materials, from all over the globe.  Most materials are only available in small quantities and are used to create either limited edition or one-off pieces.

The Final Peace was also established as a way for Bridget and Andrea to make a difference.   “We incorporated the word “peace” in the name as we want to use our talents to make the world a better place, the idea being for some of the profits to be put towards helping others”.